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and thunderstorms, you see flashes of lightning there and this is with us here the next several hours. in fact, most of our day is kind of cloudy with on- afternoon/off-again showers and thunderstorms and some big changes of 102. looking forward, the temperatures this week will be cooler. the highs in the 80s, mid-80s and we'll be about 15, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday and we have some hours in the forecast and some more details in a minute. >>> the top stories, another round of severe storms is causing more serious damage in our area. this is the scene in fredericksburg yesterday afternoon. heavy winds, pounding wind and hail destroyed a dance studio. there the roof of the studio slammed into an elderly couple's home a few hundred miles away. >> when metro opens this morning, we could see delays on the green line. it was a single tracking late last night. the crews were working to repair the track between fort taunton and prince georges county and that was should the down on friday. >>> in kansas city, missouri, the stars came out for a celebrity all-star softball game. >> and fox's susan hilla
in the pool sunday night. let's take a look here. france edged out the u.s. men's team. for baltimore's michael phelps, that is his first ever silver medal. >>> jordan wieber made some up characteristic mistacks and failed to qualify for tomorrow's team time. she had been the favorite to win gold but she didn't. >> devastating. the u.s. men's team topped france 98-71 in their olympic opener. >>> here is a look at the current medal count. china leads with 12. the u.s. is a close second with 11 medals. italy is in third place. >>> time now to talk about the weather. and our own gold medalist, tucker barnes. >> wow, that's rich. happy monday, tucker. >> be happy with a bronze at this point. we are looking at another summery day here in washington. high abouts 90 degrees. dry for the first half of the day and the scattered showers and storms return later this afternoon. you can see a nice quiet start to the day 679 clear skies. much of the area falling back into the comfortable 60s. we are some the mid-70s in downtown washington t should be a nice, bright sunny start to your monday with a
. >>> u.s. park police are searching for a man accused of assaulting "woman last night. the man attacked her from behind, put her in a choke hold and caused her to pass out. when she woke up, she started screaming and the suspect ran away. >>> we know what time it is. it is almost football season. skins hit the practice field for day two of training camp. things got off to a rousing start. >> we have a look at the fan frenzy. >> the mechanics, see how it is in person. >> i want to see what it is all b how he is meshing with the receivers. that is the big thing to me. we'll see it. >> you would have to be excited and be a die hard fan to come out here in this heat today. some fans said they would stay as long as they could take t others have a plan. >> it kind of matches what i'm wearing so i don't mind. >> and this will really keep you cool? >> i hope so as long as i don't pass out. if it keeps me cool, i'm okay. >> reporter: but beating the heat was not the topic of conversation out here. it was more like can we beat the giants, dallas and philly. no one predicted a losing season. >> 9-
in the history of the olympics. >>> meantime, disappointment for the u.s. machine's gymnastic team. they failed to win a medal in the team competition. they are hoping for their first gold medal since 1984 but he fill to fifth place. china ended up winning the gold. >> here is a look at the latest medal count. the u.s. and china are tied with 17 overall medals east. the united states has five gold medals to china's nine. japan is in third place. >>> i'm sarah simmons i'm wisdom martin. let's get a quick check of the weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. off to a fine start. temperatures overnight falling back into the upper 60s and low 70s. should be another day just like yesterday with partly sunny conditions. could be an afternoon storm out there as we get into the afternoon. lower eastern shore, most of us quiet with some clear skies but lower eastern shore, we are watching an area of low pressure roll up there. it is bringing some thunderstorms and showers. we'll have more details on this forecast in just a couple of minutes. we look fine for our tuesday afternoon. back to you guys a
newsroom. >>> remember this video? you can see it behind us here. parts of northwest looking more like rivers than city streets. >> residents living in the bloomingdale neighborhood are once again dealing with all this severe flooding. sherry ly is live in that neighborhood with the details on how they are recovering after the latest round of heavy rain. got to an a -- got to be a tough time. >> reporter: absolutely. imagine getting hut by flooding over and over again. the streets are finally dry here in this bloomingdale neighborhood. this flooding happens very quickly as the rain comes down. but now, the damage is already done other than though it is already dry here. this is the third time that this bloomingdale neighborhood has been hit by flooding in just nine days. everything dry now but take a look at what it looked like last night. a fox 5 viewer sent in a picture of the latest flooding. water flooded the streets again, seeping into basements and business abouts and this is what happened wednesday as well as last week. the low-lying neighborhood it is prone to flooding. section
, i think the shower activity stays south of us generally. we'll watch it down towards the north carolina border throughout the day. the humidity is up, 85%. here is your forecast for the afternoon and we're looking at high temperatures again in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees with partial sunshine. like yesterday, should be a pleasant afternoon. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you at the desk. >>> some of the top stories this morning, d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign accused of using illicit fund to help get him elected. eugenia clarke harris said she helped carry out the plan. >>> up on capitol hill later today, the how is expected to vote on repealing slash workers salaries to the minimum wage. >> a judge issued an injunction but the mayor says there is no money. we have a report. >> i want to pay them. i can't pay them money i don't v. >> reporter: the mayor says in order for the city to be able to give workers their regular pay, the city council needs to come up with a recovery plan to cover their budge the shortfall. the city currently has ab
outside at the u.s. capitol dome. i'm wisdom marinate. -- martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> we have some chics to talk about. clouds have moved back in and a couple of showers in the forecast. -- we have some changes to talk about. >> just a for you showers though into. >> and some clouds around as well. >> we need the rain a little bit. >> we have some rain in the forecast for the weekend. >> okay. if it is going to cool us down a little bit, i'll welcome the rain. >> actually, it's not. it's going to warm us up. >> it is friday the 13th. >> 77 in washington. 70 in baltimore. so much fun. 68 in winchester. let me show you the radar. here are the changes. we have some showers out to the west. most of this not touching the ground. most of your day will not be rain-filled but it will be rather cloudy and if you are watching out to the west and south, you have the best chance for some scattered showers today. the entire area, you could pick up a shower here later this afternoon as the sun starts to move closer. the heat and humidity will return for the weekend and so will the possibility of
sutherland's touch returns with a full second season order. >> the first season was 13 episodes. we used those to kind of lay out the groundwork. so, even though this is our second season, it feels like the continuation of our first. this is kind of where it starts to get really exciting. >> remember, this will hurt you more than me. >> this is mob dr. they hope the series will be compared to other mafia classics. >> we can only hope that the show takes on the life of the sopranos took on. i was a huge film of that show. i think we are certainly aiming for that. >> i'm kate's brother, ben fox. >> reporter: on the comedy side, there is ben and kate. >> it is very funny and has very funny people in it. one of its strengths is the amount of heart it has. >> reporter: and the mindy proj >> it is a really funny romantic comedy. i think it's great. >> reporter: and fringe fans can look forward to the series tying up loose ends before it wraps. >> we're like three days into shooting the first episode of season five and nobody is feeling reflective yet. i think everybody is focused on the journ
>>> good morning on this tuesday, july 10th. taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. can you believe it? we have 77 degrees like the lucky number seven. >> that's right. it's a great number. >> it is. >> there you go. good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simons. >> i'm wisdom martin. we talked about sevens and good numbers. >> uh. >> it's tuesday, second day of the week. >> uh-huh. >> and let's talk about tucker barnes. >> good morning, sarah and there you go. let's do the radar. we have more of the same in store and we'll take it while we can get it. the temperatures in the 80s yesterday felt good and we'll be in the 80s again this afternoon. this is your radar, generally quiet in the immediate washington area. the farther south, the more cloud cover and you encounter showers and thunderstorms toward richmond. not thinking the front will make it further north today, so we'll kind of be in and out of the sunshine with periods of clouds and perhaps a few showers around here later today, although most of the day should be dry. i don't think the area is going
>>> good morning, everyone on this monday. we are taking a live look at the u.s. capitol dome. at least they've got power. we'll get an update on the power situation and the clean- up situation after the storms this weekend. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm a wisdom martin. time to talk about the weather situation and see if it will get worse or better and for that, we turn now to tucker barnes. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. everything gets better in time but it might take a few days before we can call it better. we have some storms out there at this hour. temperature will only top out in the mid-90s with a little less humidity. there is your radar. you can see some pretty good thunderstorms south and east of washington. southern maryland, leonardtown, down toward st. mary's city, you can see the cloud-to-ground lightning. some lightning pushing across the bay. that will be into southeast maryland shortly. we are waking up with a few showers and thunderstorms out there. a warm and muggy start to your day. temperatures will top out in the mid-90s for afternoo
to the board. board. >>> a bomb threat in detroit t briefly forced police to shut down a brim linking the u.s. and canada last night. >> a multiagenty agenty -- an investigation is under way this morning. upon receiving this information of course the canadian authorities shut down the bridge on their side. at that time, there was some collaboration between the customs -- u.s. customs along with several other agencies here and a decision was made to actually shut down this side as well. >> reporter: police set up several roadblocks near the bridge where k-9 units were called in to search that area. coast guard teams were on hand patrolling the detroit river beneath that bridge. the temporary closing led to major traffic back-ups. >> an inconvenience. sit here for five hours, six hours maybe until they get things all cleared up. check on every inch of the bridge i guess or whatever. >> reporter: investigate ours are trying to track down where the 911 call was made. >> this call did come from the u.s. side and we are following up on the information that we have so far and utilizing our intel cen
. the exception to metro's no drinking policy only applies to water. riders are encouraged to use containers that can be closed tightly. they willed into all the lick -- they will need all the liquids can get. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> we have to straighten something out. you sawed it's going to be a warm one. it is already a warm one. >> what is it now? >> 82 degrees j that's ridiculous. >> sweating numbers here early in the morning. we have a heat advisory and the possibility of strong thunderstorms late today and tonight. but it will still be near 100. >> oh, okay. >> some things don't change. some things do. 82 in washington. 81 in baltimore. 79 in fredericksburg. no doubt about it, even ocean city, 82 degrees. it's warm one. more humidity than yesterday. better chance we'll see late- day storms. some could be on the strong side as we'll have a lot of heat and humidity around here. nothing going on right now. your morning commute will be fine but later today, i think in time for that evening rush hour, we have to be concerned about some storms. 100 in washington, 10
to see what the u.s. attorney says and that will not affect his decision. i think he is resolute and i think he is firm about this. >> mayor convinceent gray addressed the corruption allegations for the first time yesterday. he says he plans to finish out his term as mayor. >>> the fauquier county sheriff's office have self leads in the death of a local news reporter, sarah greenhalgh. riskers are also talking to a number of men who greenhalgh dated and one who she referenced as crazy. >> reporter: a mood disorder. that is what illinois congressman jesse jackson, jr. is reportedly being treated for. the news comes more than a month after the chicago representative quietly went on a medical leave of absence. it was initially reported the 47-year-old was being treated for exhaustion. last week, his staffers said jackson's condition was worse than previously thought and he had been privately battling emotional problems. a number of his colleagues are speaking out. some are wishing him a speedy recovery. >> our prayers are with his family. i hope that we will hear soon that he is on the wa
properly or a station is closed or you have to shuttle somewhere. >> reporter: train operators did use traffic lights alongside the traffics. metro says there was radio communication between the trains and the control center at all times and no new issues have been reported since sunday. they do say technicians have not been automobile to figure out what went wrong and they will continue to work to try to identify that problem. back to you. >> thank you. >>> new this morning, the search for a missing man in prince george's county. police are looking for 75-year- old oscar washington. that is his picture there on your screen. he was last seen at his daughter's home in bowie around 11:00 yesterday morning. he was six feet tall, about 170 pounds and has no lower teeth and is also missing a right pinky fingernail. >>> the hunt is on for a gunman accused of a double shooting in a spa in ellicott city. the woman had a protective order against a man who shot two women. >>> police have not made any arrests in connection to an atented robbery that turned into a deadly accident. investigators s
day for us. temperatures, reagan national, right now, we are in the 70s. 75degrees. that is doing a little better. notice the humidity. yesterday, it was running 80, 90%. right now, 64%. we had our frontal system come through late yesterday. that means nice-looking forecast with high temperatures expected to be in the mid- to upper 80s. yeah, yesterday, back in the 90s. today, mid- to upper 80s. more details on the forecast. we've got another warm-up on the way. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. >>> our top stories, bridge county police are investigating a drowning in laurel, maryland. it happened last night at a pond next to willow lake apartments. witnesses say they saw the teenaged boy go into the water but never saw him come out. a rescue team found the teen at the bottom of the pond. >>> family and friendss are preparing to say their final good-byes to the loved ones killed in the colorado movie theater massacre. three of the victims will be laid to rest this week. we are learning more about the alleged shooter. it appears james holmes had a federal grant from n
have prompted a mall evacuation, had u.s. park police pushing its new text messaging system. >> this is the first year that we have used mixel, a messaging system free to government entities instantaneously. instead of a couple of hundred officers knowing about it, we have potentially tips of thousands of people getting the message. >> all right, we still have plenty ahead. >> the fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. >>> a live look outside right now at the wilson bridge on thursday, july 5th as we get ready to close out the week. what did you -- one of you guys used to say friday eve? >> yes, friday -- . >> friday eve, we're going with that. >> although a lot of people are probably still off, took an extended holiday? i hope they did. catch zs, maybe. >> okay. >> i'm sarah simons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. before we get to tucker in the morning, it error fairfax county schools are closed today because they don't have power. that is a major issue. you can see the list on the screen. >> some montgomery county schools are without power. officials t
. >> and bge's numbers are hovering around 1100. fox 5s bob barnard gives us a sense of the frustration. >> reporter: six days and the calvary has appeared along nieves road in bethesda. the linemen working to get the electricity back on for an entire neighborhood. >> what has it been like for you, sir? >> terrible. i have a generator dubut doesn't cool the house. >> reporter: he's a retired dentist, 91 years old and more than a bit frustrated. >> it's hard to get straight talk from pepco, really. >> reporter: when your power is going to get back? >> yeah, yeah. >> i what are they telling you? >> they don't know. oh, sunday. >> saturday morning i woke up and saw the calamity down the street, trees down across the street and the transform or the ground and that is dangerous. wires hanging everywhere. >> reporter: it's still the same way nearly a week later. edgar chen hoping fp&l gets the job done. >> it's been very, very hot o. top level of the house, it's about 93 degrees and still sweltering hot and it's hard to sleep. >> reporter: she is feeling his pain. >> they never gave us a defi
be some afternoon storms and that will set us up for a nice wednesday. -- >> it's that coffee heating you up. >> at reagan national, we are currently in the 70s. it is 75 degrees. warm and humid start to your day. i think you'll see a decent amount of sunshine actually few thunderstorms, a few showers yesterday. most of the action was just to our north. you can see it cleared out overnight. not a bad-looking start to your day. off to the north now, we'll have a cold front that will approach later this afternoon and, as is typical this time of year, we could see some afternoon storms and a few of those could be on the strong side later this afternoon with temperatures right back in the low to mid-90s. we've got 93 in washington. 95 in waldorf and 96 in baltimore. a rather hot, steamy afternoon. >> just the way julie wright likes it. >> is julie back? >> good morning, julie. >> did you miss me? >> we did. >> happy belated birthday, julie. i didn't forget. >> thank you, wisdom. i was home visiting my mama. that is all she talked about was wisdom martin. i was like but ma -- she was like but
not yet told us anything about the age or the gender of the victim. we'll bring you an update as soon as we get it. >>> hard to believe but it is now day five after the storm and so many roads are closed still. traffic lights out. people are still without power. >> customers are reaching the boiling point in more ways than one. that is tucker barnes unhappy about his power still being off. melanie alnwick is live in bethesda with the latest on the situation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are here in bethesda just up river road. this is nevis road. here is where it will take some time to get the power back on. we have some major trees down behind me. we also have power lines down and there is a large transformer that is also in this front yard. the power liewps are -- lines are snaking all through these trees on both side of the street. you can see why the caution tape is all across this road. this is an area where resident haven't been able to get out by car to do the things they need to do. wednesday night is when pepco, that is tonight, has been telling everyone they w
to judgment of mayor gray stop. >> let us find out what all is going on and let the process conclude and once we have the process conclude, then we can talk judgment. >> reporter: refuse riduan bin isamuddin repped willie wilson broke away from just the support of the mayor choosing toen blame the u.s. attorney for prosecuting three people even though they admitted to felonies connected to the gray campaign. >> it is not only just about mayor gray but from very good people whose lives have been vilified and crucified in a media fencey that was created by the u.s. attorney's office. -- the reverend willie wilson broke away from just the support of the mayor choosing to blame the u.s. attorney. >> i will be asking they do a thorough investigation of all the candidates who ran for mayor in the past election f you look at anything hard enough and long enough, you will be able to find something wrong. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >>> we still have plenty ahead, more weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. >>> good morning. it is thurs
in that story did not want to go on camera but did tell us they have seen damage like this before but only in hurricanes and tornadoes. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >>> a live look outside where trees and tree limbs causing all sorts of problems as far as power is concerned. just a mess out threat in some neighborhoods. lots of clean-up still to do at this time. >> that is a live look at melanie alnwick's live location and we'll be checking in with her coming up in just a bit. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. there is a lot of clean-up. lots of work to be done because there are trees and pour out ans. a lot of things to deal with for a lot of different people. >>> federal agencies are open today but because of the weather damage, employees have the option for unscheduled leave or telework once again. d.c. and montgomery county public schools are closed today including school activities. most prince george's county schools are open and a full list of closures are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. can you find it online at myfoxdc.com. >>> we want to give you the latest numbers
storms return this afternoon. >> being o bring it. >> we're used to this one. here is a look at your current radar. i do have a few sprinkles and showers out there. looks like out 50 towards annapolis. and south and west, one or two showers down towards manassas. if you encounter a sprinkle on your way to work, don't be shocked. our temperatures will be in the low 90s. right now, we are at 76 in washington. humidity is way up. there is your forecast for today. we're expecting highs in the low 90s here later this afternoon with a scattered thunderstorm after about 3:00, 4:00 today. >> i said july 29th when i started. i'm already trying to get through the summer. >> you said july 29th. >> got july right. >> let's see if lauren demarco can get some things right on the road. >> in clinton, maryland, we are working an early accident, route 5, branch avenue, sound lanes are closed. northbound lanes are open. in good shape as you travel through virginia because of the light volume there. wrapping up the construction and everything should be cheered o ut -- cleared out of the way for the mo
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